Cresson Pit

Cripple Creek, CO

Clean, optimized, materials management is always the ultimate goal.


The Alaska Mineral Resource Group (AMRG) is composed of geologist professionals who have spent a significant amount of their careers within major mining projects.  Their objective is to provide geologic support to land holders wishing to gain clear guidance for their mineral claims or mines.

We specialize in hardrock projects (metal or industrial minerals) - assembling data, providing geologic interpretations of that data, and determining the best path for advancing the property.  

If further geochemistry, geophysics or process mineralogy is recommended, AMRG can design the study and see it through to interpretation.  If drilling for resource definition is the recommended path, AMRG can design the program and train the field personnel, generally acting as the 'qualified person' in ensuring that procedures are followed to support a formal 43-101 technical report.  If a resource calculation or technical report is desired, AMRG can provide that service.